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Another sunny day in taos…. but still skiing

It is so strange to pack my skis in the car on a sunny, sunny almost spring is here day in Taos. But in less than 25 minutes we are in the Taos Ski Valley and the snow is wonderful. Skied Around the World (this is when you ride  3 chair lists taking you from the front side of the mountain to the back side).  Not many people on the slopes and sometimes had a run all to my self (that would be Lower Patton).  Lunch with friends and partner Bob at the best of all places to lunch at the slopes..The St. Bernard deck.  The smell of hamburgers on the grill  waft thru the brisk air.. as. we sit around talking about nothing, eating,  and watch the skiers come down from the mountain.   Every day skiing now is on borrowed time–the warm temperatures are melting the base snow all to soon.  Last day is April 7th…so sad to think about that pending doomsday to this year’s sk season.  So tomorrow–no matter the Spring conditions–we ski.

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